Monday, 26 September 2016

Since you been gone.....

The title refers to me. I've been gone a while.

I got a job... I didn't really mean to but the stars aligned and I ended up with a job three days a week. I work until 5pm. It is years since I worked until 5pm and it is not easy. I am in awe of people who work full time and blog...... Gillian springs to mind Tales from a happy house

I'm still working for myself as well so there's a bit of juggling going on.

Anyhoo..... Who cares about work, I've been out and about so here's some pics....

 We went to London and visited The Globe.  It is somewhere I have always wanted to go and it didn't disappoint.
And it rained while we were in there (we were under cover) but I was glad that it rained because that made it even more real, if that makes sense?
And the play made me both laugh and cry - unfortunately that's not that difficult these days.

Sweet peas from the garden, my favourite flower of the summer.  I love the smell and the hues.  This year the sweet peas have done really well and I have had a bunch in the house each week for ages.  I think this photo may be a bit blurred, or it may be my eyes.....

A trip to Newcastle, where we visited the Baltic.  We didn't look at the art.... well we did but I didn't get it (or have any profound or otherwise feeling about it) so we headed straight to see the kittiwakes instead.  They were much more interesting.

It was a while ago so I'm sure all these nests are empty now.

I went to the Air Tattoo as well which was brilliant but I'm not sure where the photos went.... I think they are in a cloud somewhere.  So one day when I get to sit at my laptop and find them properly I'll show you some absolutely chuff off planes.  Because that's what they were..... brilliant.... I'm building suspense and I fear I may fail to deliver.... I'll do my best xx