Thursday, 18 February 2016

Silver Linings

Last week my car broke.  I was tanking along and a light came on and "Stop Immediately" appeared on the information screen.

Cue sharp breaking and a little bit of swearing.  I looked under the bonnet and it was clear that there was no coolant left so..... long story short.... ex-colleague came to my aid and I managed to get home.

Next day I arranged for the car to go to the garage.  They would look at it as and when they could, which I was prepared to take.

Upshot was I needed a new radiator but..... first silver would be done under warranty.  Hooorahhh!

So, I needed a hire car.

Head into town to sort out a hire car.  But if I hire it there and then they will charge me for 2 days, so "come back in 2 hours and you'll only have it for a day and the car will be ready and waiting to go".

Second silver lining.....I am a short hop from the Hepworth.  Marvellous.

Time enough for tea, cake and a stroll round the galley.

There was a photography exhibition by Martin Parr.  Lots of ordinary people doing ordinary things and a really good photo of some storage in a factory

I stared at this for far too long
At one end of the gallery there was a massive selection of photos, really technicolour showing real world things all together in extraordinary detail.
Look at the colour overload in that. 

Then I moved into the Barbara Hepworth part.  I love her work more every time I go.
This is a view of the outside of the Hepworth building.  The river was thundering down and this line of barrels would have been above the weir.  I suspect it broke loose over Christmas.  The photos were taken on the ipad so they're not super sharp.  There's loads more to see but I didn't want to be taking too many photos!

Anyway, at the end of the day, I'm driving in the hire car to collect my daughter, a journey I wouldn't otherwise have been making, and.....third silver lining.......a barn owl flew out of a quarry and down the hedgerow towards me.  I could see its face as plain as day.

So when my car broke and my heart sank I could not have anticipated just how much joy I would get out of the process of getting it fixed.  I've always been a glass half full Gal, but sometimes, just sometimes, even I'm gobsmacked how nicely things turn out.  Definitely worth a look or a visit.  Excellent cafĂ©, excellent shop.  Just excellent all round really.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

The business of business

I used to work for a company but now I am working for myself.  And it's great but when I was sat at work I could surf on a lunchtime and post blogs and generally catch up with the world for an hour whilst cramming in a buttie.

Now I'm sat at the dining table tapping away on a laptop I find myself struggling to find the time to do that stuff.

I have a list in my 'work book' of things I need to do, phone calls to make, emails to send.  So I'm doing that and not looking at things that I like.  This is also partly because I could spend hours looking at the things I like and then I would never get anything done.

And I don't put the heating on because the business is new so I'm not making much money, so I feel guilty about putting it on.  Thankfully we got a multi-fuel burner installed and I don't feel bad about lighting that.  But when I do I have to keep an eye on the thing as it knows when I leave the room and it dies, so I find myself sitting and staring into the flames doing nothing.  Which is not very helpful...

It's all part of the transition.... and I have some work lined up so that's good.  And once I've made some money I'll maybe put the heating on (rather than extra clothes and fingerless gloves).  Although I'll still light up the stove as it is just so nice to have on... and so very warm, if a little tricky.

Any hoo in the interest of providing an update I went back to the river in town to see what the water level was like and it had gone down, so although this is not the river at its lowest, you can see just how much water was coming down over Christmas (left photo).  The newer photo is looking the opposite way but you can see from the legs of the bridge just how much water there was.

In the right hand photo you can see the barge, used for transporting goods, that came loose from its mooring upstream many years ago and which crashed over the weir and got itself stuck.  Cormorants sit on it from time to time to dry their wings. 

Anyway I must get on an do some work.... and I might take off the fingerless gloves, heating comes on in five, hurrah!