Friday, 8 January 2016

Blue Skies

This morning as I drove my daughter to school is wasn't raining......hoooorah!

I've been seriously considering whether I should be getting some wood and nails ready to build an ark.  Just call me Mrs Noah. 

But this morning it was pinky skies which gave way to blue, albeit briefly, before becoming cloudy but at least it's light.  So what if it's 4 degrees, I'm getting out the thickest socks and woolliest jumpers.  Ironically as I was in the car I didn't get a snap but it wasn't raining and that was bliss.

Before Christmas we took a trip to the East coast.  It was raining and blowing a gale.  We were aiming to get to Spurn Point but gave up before that as the wind and rain was bad and instead ended up on the beach at Kilnsea.  We were the only ones on the beach and the wind farm was generating some serious electricity....

You can see the surf whipping up and when we got back in the car I was rosy cheeked and numb of fingers.  As we drove back the roads were like ribbons of silver across the countryside in the flat light.

On the 28th December there was a rugby match in town, I wasn't going but I did go into town to see the river in full spate.

The footbridge was closed later in the day.  I shall have to get a picture of the bridge when the river is 'normal' as comparison.
Mu husband said that he has seen the river higher, but I haven't.
The weir which runs across from the flour mill was almost indistinguishable with all that water.

But the sky was blue that day as well and it feels like they've been few and far between since........