Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Take one technical idiot..... mainly in York

Ok, so I have finally figured how to get photos into my blog so I am back.  Believe me there have been some sweary words spoken in this corner of the house over the past weeks.  And it was a really simple solution..... cue more swearing.


We went to see the Tour de Yorkshire.  It was good but cold, very cold.  The peleton came so close to the barrier where we were stood that it took your breath away.  They were going fast, how they don't all constantly crash is a mystery to me.

I had a technical blank moment and put my camera on the wrong setting.  I got several arty shots of the road, some of a couple of cars and literally four photos of the cyclists.  This was the best one....

Earlier this year I joined the National Trust.  We have never been members before.  We have always been in English Heritage, less for a small child to destroy in a castle was always my thinking.  But now the child is grown and the thought of a day out with the parents does not fill her with the joys.  Our cue to join the National Trust and check out some houses and tearooms.

The day after we got our cards we visited Nunnington Hall.  We didn't have time to do the house but enjoyed the tea room very much.  We will return to the house in the near future.

This is the beautiful sculpture in the courtyard in front of the entrance.

I had to go up and have a conversation with her
and compliment her on her loveliness.

The next visit was to Goddards in York.  Goddards is the home of the Terry family of Choccy Orange fame.  There were two 'chocolate' families in York, the Rowntree family and the Terry family.  The house was built and owned by Noel Goddard Terry and has only fairly recently been open to the public, having been the offices for the National Trust for a long time.  There was a very nice menu for the tea room but on this occasion we didn't partake as we had just had lunch.  However I was tempted to help myself to a sherry - £2 in the Honesty Box - almost rude not to.

It is a beautiful Arts and Crafts house, own by the one family, with lovely gardens which would be just fantastic on a warm sunny day.  And there were a selection of outdoor toys that you could have a go with as well.  I definitely recommend a visit if you are in this area.   This is the link if you are interested:

Finally I had a day out shopping with friends in York.  We were on our way back to the station when we passed Betty's.   Should we call in?  Of course we should.......

This is a bit of a rubbish picture but believe me those cakes looked fab.  We went instead for a selection of macaroons.  A fantastic sugary pick-me-up before returning home to find my husband waiting at home in the garden.  He hadn't taken his key, thinking I would be home well before him......  Oh dear, well what do you expect when the cake calls?