Monday, 16 February 2015

Now for something more uplifting

One night  last week when I got in the car I was a bit cross and the Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars song came on the radio and I LOVE that song.  I like to sing along and jig about to it even when driving.  When it finished I felt better.  I hope this link to the song on You Tube works so you can jig and sing along as well.  It works well if you are feeling just a bit ticked off....

"this hit....that ice cold......Michelle Pfeiffer.... that white gold......"

Then at the weekend we went to the mill at Saltaire.  This is the chimney you pass on the way from the car park.  Magnificent...

I particularly liked the section at the back of Home where they had display cabinets of china and tableware that I remember from childhood, Hornsea Pottery being something we had a lot of.  Nostalgia and lovely items all in one place, bliss.

We had lunch in the diner.  Salts Diner food is fab.  So is the latte, and the locally brewed Saltaire Blonde ....

If you are ever anywhere near Shipley / Bradford or even Leeds Bradford Airport it is definitely well worth a visit.  And if you like David Hockney it is an absolute must.

Edited to add: new Hockney exhibition has just opened at the mill.  Our timing was a bit off, we will have to make another visit!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

It's all gone a bit Pete Tong

Visiting blogland is tricky right now.
The place I have worked at for 19 years is closing.
It is playing on my mind a bit.
I am very busy at work.
I am pre-occupied at home.
Sometimes it seems like a great opportunity.
Sometimes I feel like I never want to work again.
I'm lucky in that we no longer have a mortgage to pay. 
It is not the case for many of our employees and I worry about them, all 101 of them.

However, I did find a CV that I wrote about two years ago and it looks pretty good.  It needs updating but thank goodness I actually wrote one then because actually putting one together now, when my head is a shed, would be hard indeed.

It is times like this that I am thankful for crochet and knitting.  The counting and rhythm of these pass-times is just enough to take me away from all this.