Friday, 31 October 2014

The colour of Autumn leaves

It is warm here today and so I decided to sit outside for lunch at work.

Where I sit is fairly uninspiring, but it is green and I can enjoy the sun which shines directly onto the picnic bench in the shade of the gatehouse.

While sitting there just listening to the day go by and re-setting my brain ready for the afternoon I noticed the leaves on the grass.  Lots of leaves but some in the most gorgeous colours, I did a bit of a collection to share....


This was on the bottom of my shoe......

How uplifting it is to sit on an October day, the end of October at that, in the hazy sun enjoying these colours. 

 The just before I went in a breeze came and scattered them back to the grass and I returned to my desk revitalised by the warmth and the colour of the day.


Tonight is Halloween.
I have not carved a pumpkin.
I have not bought synthetic cobwebs.
I have no fancy dress outfit.
I am not organised......
But I have got sweets, in packets, ready for the children on our estate.
I'm hoping they will be suitably dressed for the occasion, even though I will not.
I can't wait.....

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Wear it Pink.... I can do that

I love Wear it Pink day, it fits with my wardrobe, does not involve any particular exertion and raises money for a good cause, Breast Cancer Campaign.

This year I decided to bake some buns to raise additional cash.  I am not a baker, not at all, but I decided I must have a go.  So last night I baked coffee buns and on the morning of the event.... yes the morning .... I got up and iced them.

So this is they.... they turned out ok and I even got a retweet from @BCCampaign for them.    PROUD or what?

There were 12, but one got pinched by my daughter......
This was the selection on Reception at work ready to raise money - pink vanilla buns with secret jammy blob and lovely cake stands supplied by one of our resident expert bakers, Sophie.

And this is us all dressed up......

Looking Good Doing Good I think........ we raised an amazing £376!  Not bad for a small organisation!


Monday, 20 October 2014

Last weekend.... now what did I do?

Question from my Mum, what did you do at the weekend?

It was Wednesday and I had completely forgotten.  I think I did something on Saturday but I can't remember what. 

Mum then goes on to tell me about how long she spent on the phone to the credit card company telling them that you don't spell 'Jennifer' with two n's....... oh wait you do.  She is reminded of this after some time on the phone and has to apologise profusely to the person at the other end who is about to change her name on her card.  It's genetic.

So I looked at my camera and remembered that on Saturday I was at the Superleague Grand Final.  It was a day out, on a bus, with lots of other people..... how did I forget that? 

This was the view from our seats.

Not bad.  I enjoyed the atmosphere more than Wembley.  Being at a game where you don't actually support either team is much more relaxing.  I didn't get a single headache.

On Sunday I went to a vintage fair and got this fantastic glass vase..... bowl..... bon bon thing for £3.

Three quid....I'd spend more than that on  a magazine.  Absolute bargain.  And it is lovely and quirky and looks like proper blown glass at the top.  Rubbish photo but you get the idea.

Finally when I got back from the fair and getting the car washed I found that Husband had been to the supermarket and brought me flowers.  I like him... a lot.

The colour of these is really lovely.

So I did do something at the weekend.... thank God for phone photos. 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Me and Barbara Hepworth (part 1)

This weekend I visited the Hepworth in Wakefield.  It has been described by the Times as one of the greatest galleries in the world.... indeed an achievement. 

I loved it for many reasons but there is one reason that resonated with me...... Barbara Hepworth was a collector of pebbles.

This is a quote from her which is on the wall of the exhibition - I have typed it out because the photo I took was blurred:
'Many people select a stone or a pebble to carry for the day. The weight and form and texture felt in our hands relates us to the past and gives us a sense of a universal force. The beautifully shaped stone, washed up by the sea, is a symbol of continuity, a silent image of our desire for survival, peace and security’ Barbara Hepworth 1961
And in a drawer in the exhibition space were these beautiful pebbles....
There were shiny ones and not so shiny ones and when I looked at them I could see the links to her work, to that organic form and shape.

It is just a pity you cannot hug the exhibits to make that connection, to feel their weight, form and texture.

I'll just have to make do with the little pebble in my own pocket.... This is the link to the Hepworth's website but I really do recommend a visit if you are in or around Wakefield; parking is opposite, well sign posted and although it is £4.50  the Hepworth itself is free - donations are of course welcome.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Me and Barbara Hepworth (part 2)

A trip to the Hepworth Wakefield on Saturday. 

I loved it for several reasons.
These haunting figures in an exhibit by Alexandra Bircken.
Made from leather they were very realistic - this photo is a bit rubbish and doesn't do it justice.  the second is better.
These ships made by Folkert de Jong.
Part of an exhibition that was again slightly spooky. 
The way some of the exhibits were staged and lit was particularly good, and the detail of these ships was incredible.

And then there is the Barbara Hepworth part, this is one of the galleries.  (The irony is I passed beneath the winged figure on the recent trip to London as it is above the door of John Lewis on Oxford Street, which was the first shop we went in.)  I did actually notice it at the time... honest.

I thoroughly recommend a visit and on the way out don't forget the café,
coffee, cake and food all excellent.